19 Oct 2018,
  • HSI:
    25,366.76 -87.79 (-0.34%)
    10,124.91 -11.85 (-0.12%)
    32,773.71 -156.36 (-0.47%)
    154.99 -0.90 (-0.58%)
  • HSCEI:
    10,124.91 -11.85 (-0.12%)
    4,096.04 -19.64 (-0.48%)
    8,878.31 -23.31 (-0.26%)
    15,257.28 41.80 (0.27%)
  • Hang Seng Index
  • 25,366.76

  • -87.79 (-0.34%)
HSCI 10,124.9 -11.9
HKSPLC25 32,773.7 -156.4
HKSPGEM 155.0 -0.9
HSCEI 10,124.9 -11.9
HSCCI 4,096.0 -19.6
HSFML25 8,878.3 -23.3
H-FIN 15,257.3 41.8
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Dafeng Port Heshun Technology Company Limited (08310.HK)

Marine Transport
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Gamma Logistics Corporation is principally involved in integrated logistics freight service, with a primary focus on logistics services between Hong Kong and the Pearl River Delta (PRD) region. The integrated logistics freight services are divided into three categories:

1. Land and Ocean Freight Services
2. Air Freight Forwarding Services
3. Operation Equipment Rental Services

Land and Ocean Freight Services, particularly the feeder shipping service, contributes most of the Group's revenue and have always been the key business model component of the Group’s integrated logistics freight service. It principally relies on handling container transportation by way of river vessels, trucking and freight forwarding. Additionally, the Group also provides other supporting services such as provision of fuel cards, tractor repair, maintenance service, and insurance agency service.
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Mr. Ni Xiangrong - Executive Director

Mr. Ni Xiangrong, was the director of 江蘇大豐港經濟開發區管理委員會(Management Committee of Jiangsu Dafeng Port Economic Development Zone*) during the period from February 1999 to December 2014 and is the chairman and the legal representative of 江蘇大豐海港控股集團有限公司(Jiangsu Dafeng Harbor Holdings Limited*).

Mr. Wang Yijun - Executive Director

Mr. Wang Yijun, was serving as the deputy director of Management Committee of Jiangsu Dafeng Port Economic Development Zone during the period from November 2007 to December 2014. He is also the director of Dafeng Port (HK) Development Limited, and the executive director and general manager of 江蘇大豐港和順科技公司(Jiangsu Dafeng Harbor Heshun Technology Company Limited*).

Mr. Shum Kan Kim - Executive Director

Mr. Shum Kan Kim, is serving as the company secretary of Dafeng Port (HK) Development Limited and a director and the company secretary of the Offeror. Mr. Shum was a director of 浙江尤夫高新纖維股份有限公司(Zhejiang Unifull Industrial Fibre Co., Ltd), a company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange (Stock Code: 002427), from November 2008 to November 2011.

Mr. Wang Zhi Qiang - Non-Executive Director

Mr. Wang Zhi Qiang, graduated from 杭州船舶工業學校 杭州船舶工業學校 (Hangzhou Industrial Engineering School of Shipbuilding*) with major in Mechanical Manufacturing, 南京大學 (Nanjing University*) with major in Law, 中共央黨校 (Party School of the Central Committee of the CPC*) with major in Economic Management and 南京農業大學 (Nanjing Agricultural University*) with major in Agricultural Machinery Management and Supervision. Mr. Wang has extensive experience in corporate management. He was the deputy director of the general office of 江蘇大豐港經濟開發區管理委員會 (Management Committee of Jiangsu Dafeng Port Economic Development Zone*) during the period from March 2011 to December 2014. Mr. Wang is the vice president of 江蘇大豐海港控股集團有限公司 (Jiangsu Dafeng Harbor Holdings Limited*).

Mr. Ji Longtao - Non-Executive Director

Mr. Ji Longtao, owns 55% equity interest in each of Success Pacific Investment Group Limited and 江蘇華海投資有限公司(Jiangsu Huahai Investment Limited*), which in turn own 18% and 10% equity interest in the Offeror respectively. He owns 50% equity interest of 鹽城市龍橋置業有限公司(Yancheng Longqiao Property Development Limited*), which is engaged in property development and investment. He is the director of the Offeror and the executive director of Success Pacific Investment Group Limited and Jiangsu Huahai Investment Limited, both of which are engaged in investment and asset management businesses.

Mr. Yang Yue Xia - Non-Executive Director

Mr. Yang Yue Xia, has many years of experience in corporate management. Mr. Yang is currently a director of 深圳市融成投資有限公司 (Shenzhen Rong Cheng Investment Company*) and director of certain subsidiaries of the Company. He gained working experience across different industries such as trading and property development.

Dr. Bian Zhaoxiang - Independent Non-executive Director

Dr. Bian Zhaoxiang, had been educated in 南京中醫藥大學 (Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine ("TCM")*), 北京中醫藥大學 (Beijing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology*) and 廣州中醫藥大學 (Guangzhou University of TCM*) and was conferred the Ph.D. degree in Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine. Currently, Dr. Bian serves as director of Clinical Division, School of Chinese Medicine, and Associate Vice-President of Hong Kong Baptist University. He has engaged in clinical and basic research in digestive diseases and involved in publication of many experimental and clinical researches. He has been awarded second prize of National Science and Technology Award of China in 1999.

Dr. Pang Jianming - Independent Non-executive Director

Dr. Pang Jianming, holds a Doctor's degree in major of metallurgy engineering from 鋼鐵研究總院 (Central Iron & Steel Research Institute*). Dr. Pang was engaged in postdoctoral research in 鋼鐵研究總院材料科學與工程學科( 領域 )(Material Science and Engineering Discipline (Field) of Central Iron & Steel Research Institute*). Currently, he works in 中國鋼研科技集團有限公司的低溫冶金與資源高效利用中心 (Center of Efficient Utilization of Resources by Low-Temperature Metallurgy of China Iron & Steel Research Institute Group*).

Mr. Zhang Fangmao - Independent Non-executive Director

Mr. Zhang Fangmao, holds an Undergraduate degree in Finance from Shenzhen University. Mr. Zhang has over 15 years of experience in import and export businesses in the People’s Republic of China. He served as a chief manager in 中國深圳經濟特區對外貿易(集團)公司 (unofficial English name being “China Shenzhen Economic Special Zone Foreign Trade (Group) Corporation”), a state-owned enterprise. Mr. Zhang is a director of 深圳市澳德投資顧問有限公司 (unofficial English name being “Shenzhen AUDE Investment Consulting Co., Ltd.”).

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Audit Committee

Dr. Pang Jianming (Chairman)
Dr. Bian Zhaoxiang
Mr. Zhang Fangmao

Remuneration Committee

Dr. Bian Zhaoxiang  (Chairman)
Dr. Pang Jianming
Mr. Lo Ka Man

Nomination Committee

Mr. Ni Xiangrong (Chairman)
Dr. Pang Jianming
Mr. Zhang Fangmao



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