22 Oct 2017,
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    28,487.24 328.15 (1.17%)
    11,558.35 200.90 (1.77%)
    36,549.71 384.31 (1.06%)
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    4,395.40 61.05 (1.41%)
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    18,539.68 313.65 (1.72%)
  • Hang Seng Index
  • 28,487.24

  • 328.15 (1.17%)
HSCI 11,558.4 200.9
HKSPLC25 36,549.7 384.3
HKSPGEM 277.9 2.9
HSCEI 11,558.4 200.9
HSCCI 4,395.4 61.1
HSFML25 10,013.0 172.1
H-FIN 18,539.7 313.7
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Smartac Group China Holdings Limited (00395.HK)

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Smartac Group China Holdings Limited (the “Company” or together with its subsidiaries the “Group”), listed on the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited (the “Stock Exchange”) on 28 October 2002, is an Online-to-Offline (“O2O”) solutions provider and Wi-Fi network system operator.

In view of the rapid development of wireless network and digital services market in the PRC, Solomedia Digital (Shanghai) Limited (“Solomedia Shanghai”), a non-wholly owned subsidiary which is principally engaging in the provisions of installation of wireless network systems and the post-installation service operations in the train stations in the PRC, became a wholly owned subsidiary of the Group in 2015. Solomedia Shanghai was responsible for the installation, post-installation maintenance and provision of operation service of Wi-Fi systems in a total of more than 350 railway stations operated by Guangzhou Railway (Group) Corporation, Beijing Railway Administration and Lanzhou Railway Administration. As at 31 December 2015, the Group established Wi-Fi network in over 120 railway stations in the PRC. Besides, the Group also worked with Shanghai Zewei Information Technology Company Limited (“Zewei”) and China Telecommunications Corporation (“China Telecom”) to obtain the Wi-Fi using right for the development of pop-up advertisement and APP operation for users in major business areas in Shanghai...
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Mr. Yang Xin Min -

Mr. Yang Xin Min, aged 66, senior economist, is the founding Chairman, Managing Director and substantial shareholder of the Company. Mr. Yang graduated from the Beijing Economics Correspondence College. Since August 1977, Mr. Yang has been the General Manager of all predecessor entities of the Group. Mr. Yang has over 30 years’ experience in the research, production management and international market development of zirconium chemicals. Mr. Yang is responsible for the formulation of the Group’s overall business strategies and overseeing the daily operations of the Group. Mr. Yang is the father of Mr. Yang Zhen who is the executive director of the Company.

Mr. Yang Zhen -

Mr. Yang Zhen, aged 39, is currently the president of the Hong Kong Association of Yixing and the vice president of Yixing Young Entrepreneurs Association. Mr. Yang graduated from Nanjing University with a bachelor degree in international trade and obtained EMBA degree at the Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. Mr. Yang had served as a director of Century Dragon Investment Limited (an indirect wholly owned subsidiary of the Company until 18 December 2015) from 9 August 2000 until 18 December 2015. Mr. Yang is also appointed as the business development director of the Company since 1 September 2014. He is responsible for the promotion of wireless network, O2O systems and solutions for the wireless system installation and software development. Mr. Yang is the son of Mr. Yang Xin Min who is the chairman, executive director and substantial shareholder of the Company.

Mr. Kwan Che Hang Jason -

Mr. Kwan Che Hang Jason, aged 48, was appointed as an executive director of the Company in December 2013. Mr. Kwan was the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Smartac Group. He graduated in 1991 from the University of British Columbia, Canada with a Bachelor of Commerce degree and in 2010 from the EMBA program of Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business. During the period of his university studies, Mr. Kwan was the first Chinese Marketing Executive working for the Vancouver Board of Trade, as well as a part-time writer for the financial section of a local magazine. After graduation, Mr. Kwan joined the Jardines Group and was assigned to work in the IT division of the Jardines Group. In 1995, Mr. Kwan was assigned as the Regional Manager in Vietnam, and a year later he was assigned to work in the Shanghai subsidiary. In 1998, Mr. Kwan was promoted as the General Manager of Eastern China region where he worked until 1999.

In 2000, Mr. Kwan founded the Smartac Group and had opened 9 branch offices in China focusing on IT system integration business. In 2002, Mr. Kwan was a member of the Executive Committee and the Chairman of the IT Committee of the Hong Kong Chamber of Commerce (Shanghai). In 2007, the Suzhou subsidiary of Smartac Group was selected as one of the key developing enterprises in the Suzhou Industrial Park (“SIP”) and had been granted the right to construct an office block in the SIP which is now used as the PRC headquarter of Smartac Group. Mr. Kwan is highly experienced in providing services in mobile internet technology, Online to Offline (O2O) solutions and retail big data service operation.

Dr. Cheng Faat Ting Gary -

Dr. Cheng Faat Ting Gary, aged 48, was appointed as an independent non-executive director of the Company in November 2001. He is the Chairman of the Audit Committee, Remuneration Committee and Nomination Committee of the Company. In 2011, Dr. Cheng graduated with a Doctor of Business Administration from the City University of Hong Kong with research area in “Independent Non-Executive Director (“INED”) and Corporate Governance”. He is one of few practicing CPA in Hong Kong with DBA degree of research area concentrated in INED study. Dr. Cheng is a Fellow Certified Public Accountant in both Hong Kong and the United States of America (“USA”) and a Certified Tax Advisor of the Taxation Institute of Hong Kong. Dr. Cheng received his Bachelor’s degree in Accounting (Honours) and Master’s degree of Business Administration from Southern Illinois University, USA, in 1992 and 1994 respectively. Dr. Cheng had worked at the audit division of the international accounting firm, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and has over 23 years of experience in financial reporting, business advisory, auditing, accounting, tax investigation and liquidation. Dr. Cheng is currently the Managing Director of Gary Cheng CPA Limited. He is also a founding member of CityU Eminence Society.

Mr. Poon Lai Yin Michael -

Mr. Poon Lai Yin, Michael, aged 44, was appointed as an independent non-executive director of the Company in January 2010. Mr. Poon had acted as the Chief Financial Officer in two companies listed on the Growth Enterprise Market of the Stock Exchange since 2002, and was mainly responsible for the overall financial management, internal control function and accounting function. Mr. Poon has over 14 years of experience in financial reporting, business advisory, auditing, taxation, accounting, merger and acquisition. Mr. Poon is a fellow member of Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants and a member of CPA Australia. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Administrative Studies with York University in Canada and a Master’s degree in Practicing Accounting with Monash University in Australia. Mr. Poon had been working for an international accounting firm and was responsible for providing business advisory and assurance services for some listed clients. Mr. Poon is the independent non-executive director of China Uptown Group Company Limited (Stock code: 2330) since November 2006, and was the independent non-executive director of Sun International Resources Limited (Stock code: 8029) during the period from September 2008 to August 2011. Mr. Poon was the executive director and non-executive director of Celebrate International Holdings Limited (previously known as Hong Kong Life Group Holdings Limited, Stock code: 8212) during the period from October 2010 to July 2011 and from July 2011 to December 2011, respectively.

Mr. Yang Wei Qing -

Mr. Yang Wei Qing, aged 39, a renowned internet economist, and is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of iResearch Consulting Group (“iResearch”). He is also the co-founder of China Venture Investment Consulting Group (“China Venture”). Mr. Yang obtained his Bachelor Degree from East China University of Science and Technology in 1998 and obtained his EMBA from Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business in 2010. Being enthusiastic about internet industry, Mr. Yang co-founded an internet marketing company, Wise Horse Marketing Company, in 1999 and became one of the first generation internet business founders and an expert in China’s internet marketing. Mr. Yang started his business in internet-related research and consulting by establishing iResearch at Shanghai in late 2002. iResearch has now developed into one of the most highly professional internet consulting firms in China, publishing almost 100 research reports related to internet industry every year and serving the major companies in internet industry, internet marketing business as well as providing research consultancy service in the application of internet for traditional business enterprises. In 2005, Mr. Yang, together with a business partner, co-founded China Venture, which mainly participates in the operation of investment websites and engages in fund raising, merger and acquisition projects. Mr. Yang is highly experienced in research and consulting for internet-related and internet marketing businesses.

Ms. Yeung Wai Ling -

Ms. Yeung Wai Ling, aged 35, is the Financial Manager and Company Secretary of the Group. Ms. Yeung graduated from Hong Kong Baptist University and received a bachelor degree in Business Administration (Accounting). She is a member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants. Before joining the Group in 2015, she has worked in international accounting firm and Singapore listed company. She has extensive experience in auditing and financial reporting.

Mr. Kwan Che Ho Jacky -

Mr. Kwan Che Ho Jacky, aged 43, joined the Group’s non-wholly owned subsidiary – Smartac Solutions (Suzhou) Limited in December 2014 as Retail Business General Manager. He graduated from the University of British Columbia with a Master degree of Engineering in 1997. He joined the Hong Kong GEM Board listed company – Proactive Technology Holdings Limited in 1999, engaged in business communication services and specialized in VoIP communications and call center operations. In 2001, he joined Smartac Group which was acquired by the Group as a non-wholly owned subsidiary in 2013 as Sales and Marketing General Manager. Over these 14 years, he provided application solutions, established and maintained communications and call center systems for various companies in logistics, retail and foreign financial industries such as UPS, TNT, IKEA in China, Hang Lung Properties, UBS, BNP Paribas, Standard Chartered Bank.

Mr. Zhang Fang -

Mr. Zhang Fang, aged 36, Software Development General Manager of Suzhou Solutions, was responsible for developing online to offline software solutions and processing massive software data distribution and analysis. Mr. Zhang joined Suzhou Solutions in 2006 and had worked as Senior Software Develop Engineer, Project Manager, CRM Department Manager and Developer Director during the period from 2006 to August 2014. He was promoted to Software Development General Manager in August 2014. Mr. Zhang graduated from Shanghai East China Normal University and joined the direct marketing company – Shanghai Mecox Lane International Mailorder Company Limited to develop invoicing and workflow systems. He had also involved in the development of customer relationship management, enterprise resource planning, management information systems, call center software and was responsible for software projects and database management.

Ms. Xu Ai Ping -

Ms. Xu Ai Ping, aged 44, joined the Group’s wholly owned subsidiary – Solomedia Digital (Shanghai) Limited in November 2014 as Group Human Resources Director. Ms. Xu graduated from Nanjing Normal University with Associate degree in English and Hong Kong University School of Professional and Continuing Education with Postgraduate Diploma in Organizational and Human Resources Management. Ms. Xu has been working in human resources management field in the high technology industry for over 15 years. She has a wealth of practical experience in human resources aspects and worked in the China Resources Group Limited’s semiconductor manufacturing company – CSMC Technologies Corporation, US-owned chip design company – Advanced Analogic Technologies Inc., US-owned semiconductor company – Skyworks Solutions Inc.

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Listed Date 28 Oct 2002

Address Suite 1204, COFCO Tower,
262 Gloucester Road,
Causeway Bay, Hong Kong

Telephone (852) 2123-9986

Facsimile (852) 2530-1699

Email investors@smartacgroup.com

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